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The business idea of this project is the organization of a Web Incubator – an enterprise in the field of web technology to provide quality services to small businesses, start-up entrepreneurs – website development, hosting services, domain registration, promotion and advertising services on the Internet, search for goods, services, partners, creation of a web incubator system.

  • 20  Center:  20m
  • 50  Bus:  50m
  • 50  Metro:  50m
  • 500  Train:  500m


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  • El Raval, Barcelona
  • Purpose: Web
  • Ownership: Agent
  • County: El Raval
  • Zip code: 08001
  • City: Barcelona

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Our business is not defined by the manufacturer, but by the consumer. This is determined not by the name of the company and the charter, but by the need that the consumer satisfies when buying a product or service.

Kety Springs

+385 (0)91 123 321
Vinogradska 14

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